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Ordering online through our website gives the customer access to all of our amazing product selections along with being able to purchase 24/7 and lock in the price at their convenience.

When placing an order online, DBS requires a non-refundable deposit to lock in an order. After the order is locked in the customer will pay the remaining balance via bank wire.

Please Note: Customer must contact DBS after checkout if they would like to send a check as payment. Bank Wire payment is setup as the standard form of payment. (Only orders under $25,000) can be paid via check. Please give us a call at 888-327-9205.

All Check payments will be held for 7-10 business days to clear.

Order Amount Deposit Due at Checkout Remaining Payment Due
$0 – $9,999 1 % down via MasterCard / Visa 1-3 business days
$10,000 – $24,999 2 % down via MasterCard / Visa 1-2 business days
$25,000 – $80,000 3 % down via MasterCard / Visa 1 business day

Payment Instructions: DBS will email payment instructions after order has been submitted.

Order Notification: Once an order is processed you will receive an email confirmation showing all the payment and order details. Once we receive your payment we will send over an email confirmation showing payment. After your payment clears we will ship out your items.


When placing an order over the phone, DBS will lock in your order and send you a direct invoice through email.

M-F 6:00 am to 5:00 pm PST
S-S 10am-3pm PST

Order Notification: Once an order is processed you will receive an email confirmation showing all the payment and order details. Once we receive your payment we will send over an email confirmation showing payment. After your payment clears we will ship out your items.

Credit Cards

Credit Card orders do not receive the 2.8% Cash Discount.


Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal – Accepted
Additional security information might be required for all credit card orders.

Are there minimum and maximum order sizes? – There are no minimum or maximum orders. DBS accommodates all types of investors.

Can I change my order once it has been processed – No, once an order has been processed it is automatically sent down to our warehouse department to be fulfilled. The order can only be offset following our Market Loss Policy.

Can I purchase through my IRA Account? Yes, Please call 888-327-9205 for details.

Customer Agreement

As a customer I affirm my understanding and acknowledge that I am of legal age competent to enter into this agreement. All of my transactions with DBS are for investments. The purchase and sale of commodities involve a high degree of risk and are not suitable for all persons. I also understand the terms of the Payment Policy and payment timeline. I have determined in my own mind that I am financially, intellectually and emotionally suitable to enter into the transactions with this agreement and DBS Coins.

Spot Pricing We provide live spot gold and silver pricing that is updated every minute. These prices can be found on the right sidebar, as well as at the bottom of each page on our website. The green/red arrows on our spot prices reflect the +/- price change from the previous days 10:00 am PST call.

What does locked in price mean? Locked-in price means that you have secured that price for the products you agreed to purchase at the time of the order.

How long is your order locked in for? Prices are locked in for 3 business days after your order is placed.

For how long is the price in my shopping cart good? When items are placed in your shopping cart the spot price is current for one minute. When you start the checkout process the price is locked in for 10 minutes while you go through the checkout. After 10 minutes, the prices in the cart will update using the current spot price.

Do we require a deposit for orders? Yes, we require a non-refundable deposit via credit card for all orders.

Do we charge taxes? In compliance with state law, all California residents with purchases under $1,500 will be charged 8.00% sales tax.

IRS Report? No, we do not report your purchase to the IRS.

Do we have any hidden commission fees or extra costs? No, we have no commission fees or extra charges. We have one price, no hidden fees.

Cash Discounts? Yes, the prices on our website reflect that price discount of 2.8% unless you decide to pay by credit card then you will not get the discount pricing for a bank wire or check payment. Payment by credit cards result in the non-cash discount rate of 2.8%

What kind of Payment do we accept and where do you mail it to? Payments Accepted
– Bank wire
– PayPal
– Credit card (Visa or MasterCard only)
– Certified check, cashier’s check, or personal check
We do not accept MONEY ORDERS OR CASH. Please note, payments may take longer to clear than listed in the holding period.

Check Payments must be mailed out same day as order is placed. Customers have to contact DBS at time of checkout if they would like to send a check. (Only orders under <$25,000) can be paid via check. We recommend to mail checks via (USPS priority Mail / FedEx / UPS next day delivery). If payment is not received before the payment due date, the customer may be subject to cancellation fee for the market loss of the price. Please mail payment to:
32932 Pacific Coast Hwy., #14-234
Dana Point, CA 92629


Type of Payment Order Amount Payment Due Payment Holding period
Personal Check $0 – $20,000 3-4 business days 7-10 business days
Cashier checks
$0 – $25,000 3-4 business days 7-10 business days
Bank Wire $0 – $80,000 24 hours 2 business days
Bank Wire $80,000+ Please Call traders for pricing


Holding Period – Check payments will be held for 7-10 Business days regardless of when they clear prior to shipping.

Credit Card Errors –
– Billing & Shipping information is a mismatch.
– Card Code mismatch
– Credit Card Limit denied
When any of these errors happen the customers transaction will not be processed.

The customer may see a charge on their bank statement due to the initiating bank approved the transaction. This does not mean that DBS received your funds, it simply means that the initiating bank captured the funds and will release them in 24-72 hours depending on there systems. DBS has no control of the timeframe of when your bank will release the funds. Please review all Billing, Shipping and Card Code information before submitting an order. Each time the card is attempted may result in a pending charge on your account.

Credit Card Payments – Before the purchase we ask that you contact your bank to let them know you are making a large purchase. In addition for all credit card payments, your billing address must match exactly to your credit card statement. If this does not match then your card will be declined. Additional screening and documentation may be required for all credit card payments. Credit card holding payments may take longer than the recommended time.

Good Funds – No order will be processed until we have received good funds. Good funds are 100% cleared payments.

How it Works

Step 1 – Deposit Funds or Transfer Funds into your IRA Account.

Step 2 – Contact either Gold Star Trust or New Direction and designate DBS Coins as your Authorized Dealer.

Step 3 – DBS will contact you to know that your account has been funded and we will contact you to lock in a trade.

Step 4 – We send over an invoice & payment confirmation. DBS will mail all your products to your Designated Depository for Free.

To find out more information, Please give us a call at 888-327-9205 ext 101.


Gold Star Trust:
PO Box 719
Canyon, TX 79015
(800) 486-6888
New Direction IRA:
1070 W Century Drive Suite 101
Louisville, CO 80027
(303) 546-7930


IRA Approved Products

American Eagles (1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 oz.)
American Buffalo 1 oz.
Maple Leaf 1 oz.
Philharmonic 1 oz.
Royal Canadian Mint (1 , 10 , Kilo)
Johnson Matthey Kilo Bar
Valcambi Combi Bar
American Eagle
Maple Leaf
Johnson Matthey (1 , 100 oz.)
Royal Canadian Mint 100 oz.
American Eagle
Maple Leaf
Credit Suisse 1 oz. Palladium:
Maple Leaf
Credit Suisse 1 oz.


Free Shipping & Insurance on all Domestic USA Orders

Any order that is shipping to a USA address will ship for FREE. There is no hidden shipping & handling costs.

Are there any shipping fees? No, we offer FREE shipping through UPS & Fedex.

Shipping to PO Boxes ? Yes through USPS.

Domestic Shipping We only ship items to domestic US addresses. We do not allow users to have third party shipping agents accept products on their behalf.

International Shipping We only ship items to international Storage locations. To setup an storage account please contact us at 888-327-9205.

How Quickly do orders Ship?
Orders usually ship in 1-4 business days after cleared payments. Since most orders are paid via bank wire, they will go out in 1 – 2 business days. We do not ship packages on fridays because majority of our packages go overnight delivery.

How do we ship your products? We use UPS (Ground & NextDay Air) , FedEx (Ground & NextDay Air) and USPS (First Class, Priority, Registered). Each package that we send out is wrapped discretely for your security.

Is my package insured? Yes, each package that we send out is fully insured for the full value of the contents.

When should I expect my delivery? Products shipped from our warehouse usually arrive 2-10 business days via USPS and 1-5 business days for UPS & FedEx. All packages will have a tracking number and are available to see details through the USPS, UPS, and FedEx.com websites. We can also track any order for you. Email or Call for more information regarding your order.

Are packages covered while they are at UPS Stores(etc)? No, once an item arrives at your receiving store such as a UPS Store, the package is no longer covered for insurance.

Cancellation – Orders may be cancelled only over the telephone and are subject to our Market Loss Policy in addition to a $30.00 per order charge and the deficit between the price at which we sold to you and the offsetting purchase price and/or prices, is your responsibility only if your item(s) is cancelled or returned. A cancellation email will be sent via email, upon payment of the $30.00 and the deficit then the order will be closed out and the customer will be no longer responsible for the order.

Are Buying and Selling precious metals risky? Coin and bullion purchases are a very risky form of investment. Each customer that purchases coins and bullion purchase them at their own risk. We are not responsible for any profit or losses that might come from the buying or selling of coins and bullion (e.g., precious metals). The price of metals can change anytime due to economic factors, market demand and market price.

Return Items – If you have any problem with your purchase please give us a call to discuss your return options.

Order Payment Limits & Options

Paypal & Credit Card: $500.00

Check: $25,000.00

Bank Wire: $80,000.00+

Please Call 888-327-9205 to order over 80,000+

Free Shipping on All Orders

UPS: Next Day Air / 3 Day Select / Ground

FedEx: Next Day Air / Saver & Ground

USPS: Priority, First Class & Registered

Shipping Time: Orders usually ship in 2 - 4 business days after cleared funds

Mailing Address

32932 Pacific Coast Hwy., #14-234
Dana Point, CA 92629

M-F 6am-5pm PST


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