Generic vs Minted

Who Produces Minted Coins
United States Mint, Royal Canadian, Austrian, Australian – Perth, South African

What Major Coins are produced by Mints
American Eagles, American Buffalo, Maple Leaf, Philharmonic, Krugerrands

Are Minted Coins Legal Tender?
Yes – Coins that are produced by mints are considered legal tender. This is one of the main reasons that they have a higher premium than generic coin products.

Generic Refineries
Johnson Matthey (JM), Englehard, Pamp, Credit Suisse, NTR, Sunshine. These are just a few of the refineries around the united states and world that produce coins and bullion products.

Some Advantages of Minted vs Generic Products

Popularity – Minted products are much more popular in the market place. Customers around the world will recognize minted coins.

Re-Sale – Traditionally, coins or bars produced by mints will have a higher resale price. The initial premium for the legal tender coins creates a higher value than the generic coin. Even though they are the same troy ounces, the minted coins will return a higher value.

Packaging – Most minted products will come in a mint tube, plastic and in larger bulk purchases sealed boxes.

Some Disadvantages of Minted vs Generic Products

Cost & Premiums – All Minted coins are produced by a large manufacture mint creating extra costs for the product to be made. This is reason that the premiums for Silver American Eagles is higher than the cost for silver buffalo rounds. Each mint establishes there own premium or manufacturing cost for the coins.

Re-Sale – Minted coins on there resale value usually are in the small percentage or value above spot. The spot prices have to move the initial purchase price value above spot to create a profit on the coin or bar.  Generic rounds will always be purchased at spot or +/- a very small amount around spot. At the end of the day the metal can always be melted down to the troy ounces of weight and sold for spot.

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